Health & Safety Plan

Health & Safety Plan

The purpose of this plan is to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety, and welfare of all general construction company employees while at work. This plan also encompasses non-employees at the same worksite, i.e, Client, Consultants, Sub-Contractors, and Visitors.

  • Every person employed on the project has a duty to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and others who may be affected by their actions or omissions at work.
  • With regard to duties imposed on the employer Watertech United WLL, all employees must cooperate with their employer to enable him to comply with the relevant statutory requirements.
  • No person shall intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided for safety, health or welfare.
  • All personnel shall wear or use the appropriate safety equipment or clothing and use the appropriate safety devices.

This health and safety plan has been produced by Watertech United W.L.L., to ensure compliance with current legislation, client requirements, and best practice



The scope of the health and safety plan is in line with the scope of general safety.